Hospitalists and Skilled Nursing



About the DaVita Medical Group Hospitalist Program
In keeping with our commitment to excellence, DaVita Medical Group has a Hospitalist Program to enhance the continuity of care and comfort for our patients. A Hospitalist is a physician whose primary focus is to provide the general medical care for patients while they are in the hospital. DaVita Medical Group hospitalist physicians are board-certified in Internal or Family Medicine, and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a Hospitalist?
A hospitalist is a physician who provides general medical care for patients while they are in the hospital. They stay abreast of current regulations, technology and treatment regimen changes in the hospital setting. In addition, they communicate with the patient's primary care physician about treatment protocol and assist with timely discharge from the hospital.

DaVita Medical Group Hospitalist Staff
DaVita Medical Group's hospitalist staff includes full-time hospitalist physicians and a rotating team of DaVita Medical Group primary care physicians. Once admitted to the hospital, a DaVita Medical Group hospitalist will take over your care and communicate with your primary care physician. Upon discharge, your care will return back to your primary care physician. When it is necessary for you to go to the hospital:

  • You will be seen by a DaVita Medical Group Hospitalist. DaVita Medical Group Hospitalists take hospital call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Your primary care physician will be notified of your hospital stay.
  • The DaVita Medical Group Hospitalist staff will communicate with your primary care physician.
  • Our Hospitalist staff will coordinate your care with any other specialists that are needed to take care of you in the hospital.
  • DaVita Medical Group will assist in arranging for additional care you may need upon discharge from the hospital.

Call your physician's office if you think you need to be cared for at the hospital.


What is a SNF?

 A skilled nursing facility, or SNF, is a place that provides care for patients who are not yet ready to return home after a hospital stay. They offer long and short-term care for patients with serious or chronic health conditions or who need rehabilitation services. DaVita Medical Group's health care providers have  recommended that you be transferred to a skilled nursing facility for additional care  so that you can make a smooth transition home when you are ready.



DaVita Medical Group Hospitalists

Caryn Baldauf, MD

Thomas Bartlett, MD

Drew Burlon, DO

Tiffany Cartner, MD

Leah Damiani, MD

Beryl Frank, PA-C

David Grunow, MD

Catherine Harding, NP

Albert Hor, MD

Andrew Ingram, MD

Jacquelin Kabongo, MD

Wajahat Khan, MD

Gina Kaufman, NP

Julie LeBlanc, NP

J. Daniel Monticelli, MD

John Odell, MD

Gil Porat, MD

Katri Palonen, MD

George Reinhardt, MD

Christopher Ryan, MD

Dennis Schneider, MD

Scott Segal, MD

Nathan Smith, MD

Frederick Workman, DO

Timothy Wyse, MD 

Christopher Zill, MD


DaVita Medical Group SNF

Ruth Cano, MD Ruth Cano, MD Richard Evans, MD Clarissa Hernandez- Koogle, NP
Jennifer Lewey, MD Amy Maroldo, MD Kari Schultz, MD Richard Thomas, MD