John Kunstle, MD

John Kunstle, MD

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Colorado Springs, CO 80922

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Our medical group has proudly served the Pikes Peak region for over 70 years!

Dr. John Kunstle joined the Family Medicine team at East branch in August 2016 after leaving private practice at Pueblo Family Medicine. He is board certified in Family Medicine and brings over 20 years of experience to our team. When he’s not busy treating patients, Dr. Kunstle enjoys skiing, hiking, music and films.


1995Family Medicine ResidencySt. Mary-Corwin HospitalPueblo, CO
1992Medical DoctorUniversity of South Dakota, Sanford School of MedicineVermillion, South Dakota
1988Bachelor of Science in Human BiologyStanford UniversityStanford, CA


2016-presentFamily Medicine PhysicianOptumColorado Springs, CO
2000-2016Family Medicine PhysicianPueblo Family MedicinePueblo, CO
1998-2000Family Medicine PhysicianSouthern Colorado ClinicPueblo, CO
1995-1998Family Medicine PhysicianAnthem (formerly Rush Prudential HMO), Anchor Central ClinicChicago, IL


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Obviously not coordinating with staff.
Dr Kunstle is a great doctor. He is very thorough, explains everything is language you can understand, and good on follow ups.
Es atento y profesional.
Please see my comments earlier. I think he is a fine physician but without proper and timely follow up, his office is greatly suspect.
Seemed disinterested with my concerns. Said I was to get x-rays. That never happened. I asked for ibuprofen for my chronic pain. Not an opioid; ibuprofen. He finally agreed and it yook me contacting them three times to get it sent in. Lost my list of meds and surgeries so nothing was in my chart.
Always courteous, professional, and knowledgeable
Because he is not really personable
Because he responds to requests.
Dr. Kunstle is very knowledgeable and kind. He is also very thorough. I really enjoy him being my personal doctor.
Very thorough and caring
He is very thorough and helpful.
I use Dr. Kunstle as my primary care physician because Medicare coverage demands being seen every 90 days.
He seems busy sometimes. Also, I like a doctor who thoroughly explains his conclusions. Kunstle is polite, but not a big explainer.
Simple prefer the lady PA's in the office under Dr. Kunstle. I feel he is a very concerned about one's health, but just not as personable as l would like.
Explains my health status in terms I can understand.
Dr. Kunstle was quite friendly an very professional. He was very thorough in asking about my medical history and family history. I told him about an issue I was having and he said he would get me a referral to a specialist. I am scheduled to see that specialist shortly. I have great respect for a person that does what they say they are do going to do and does it
We like him to be more personal.
He seemed to want to address issues that my visit was not about. He wanted to argue about medication that was working for me. He did not make feel comfortable at all.
I need to educate myself, and be prepared and aware of treatments, in order to illicit any action.
Optum doesn't allow their doctors to provide healthcare for patients. You get 7-8 minutues with the doctor, and nothing else.
Thorough, responsive, helpful, knowledgeable
My first time visiting with Dr. Kunstle. Wasn't not overly impressed or disappointed with his service.
I came in for a visit to get a referral for a coloscopy. And I’ve never heard back about it. I’ve not heard the results of the blood test or any follow up
I was extremely dissatisfied with the exam I received. He didn't mention or ask any further questions about depression or anxiety which I indicated I had been struggling with. His physical exam was inaccurate. He "listened" to gut sounds through three layers of clothes, while I was sitting up but hunched over, and listened for less than a second in the four quadrants. He then placed his fingers on my calf (over my pants and tall socks) and announced that my pulses were good. It was disappointing to have such a sloppy exam.
Because there is no such thing as a perfect score
This was my only visit with Dr. Kunstle (my primary care doctor was not available). It was quite satisfactory.
Have only been a patient for 16 months.
Most of the time doctor council is very cold and does not appear to be "involved" with my case.
He patient and thorough
Dr. Kunste is knowledgable, competent and caring. He cares about his patients and treats me with dignity and respect.
Ive seen him twice and he seems sleepy and aloof. Just not very personable. He didn’t record all of the things he told me in the after visit notes, and i rely on those to remember what i was told.
John Kunstle has been an excellent doctor thus far, however, there was some kind of clerical mistake made during my last visit - and not all of my prescriptions got renewed. Now I am completely out of my medication, and have been since February. I called to straighten it out and the lady I talked to initially, Iris, was not helpful. She was abrasive and even laughed at me when I expressed my concern over the mistake.
He is very thorough and cares
We had a long discussion. He said he was going to refer me to a spine doctor and a neuropsychologist. When i called back to find out where i needed to go for these referrals the lady said no referrals were indicated.
Dr. Kunstle is very attentive and I feel he cares about my health.
At first didnt seem like a very caring dr. I had dr Duncan and Sherry Turner Lloyd. Both personal. But not after seeing this Dr. 3 4 times. More enjoyable and through
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