Joseph Yang, DO

Joseph Yang, DO

4.8 out of 5 (320 patient ratings)

2610 Tenderfoot Hill St
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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Our medical group has proudly served the Pikes Peak region for over 70 years!

Joseph Yang, DO joined the Family Medicine team at Optum in 2019. He earned his medical degree and completed a Family Medicine residency from Michigan State University. He also completed a Geriatrics fellowship at the University of Arizona Banner Boswell Hospital in Sun City, AZ. He is a board certified family physician. Dr. Yang is looking forward to providing care to the Colorado Springs community. When he isn’t seeing patients, he enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with family.


2018Geriatrics FellowshipUniversity of Arizona Banner Boswell Hospital Sun City, AZ
2015Residency Garden City Hospital Garden City, MI
2015Doctorate Michigan State University College of Osteopathic MedicineEast Lansing, MI
2008Bachelor of Science Michigan State UniversityEast Lansing, MI


2019 - PresentPhysician OptumColorado Springs, CO

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • American Geriatrics Society
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Medical Association


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Dr. Yang is a great doctor who cares about his patients. I've always had a positive experience at Optum.
Very caring person. Like he really cares about you. Easy to talk to.
Dr Yang is amazing. He really cares about his patients, listened to all my issues and we came up with a treatment plan
Veryvfreindly and though
Dr Yang is very knowledgeable, caring and respectful. It is obvious that he truly has the best interest of his patients at heart.
Nobody’s perfect
Very knowledgeable doctor, very thorough.
As stated he is very kind, thoughtful and professional. I really trust him.
He remembers me, know previous care strategies we talked out, remembers friendly chi chat about family and work. He isn’t a prescription pad
Dr. Yang is probably the most knowledgeable and caring doctor I have ever had.
Because he is very nice and extremely knowledgeable. He is also very generous with taking time to explain everything.
He was very professional, personable, made me feel at ease. Spent time asking and answering questions about my health concerns
Extremely kind, knowledgeable and truly cares about trying to resolve your pain...
Because I think he is a very good doctor. He listens to what I want to tell him, follows through on anything we decide needs to be done, and even consults with my other doctors when necessary.
Very good, efficient grace
He has been very concerned and knowledgeable in his advice and treatment of my issues.
He was amazing. I’m Finding a new pcp he looked at my history and listened to everything going on I didn’t feel rushed. Was very reassuring after getting jumped Dr to Dr at another practice. He was amazing
Please do EVERYTHING within your power to keep Dr. Yang at Optum. He loves what he does, and it shows!! I will shed bitter tears if he ever leaves. He stays current in his field, he communicates well (despite me having ADHD), he's friendly and personable - he actually makes me look forward to doctor visits. His enthusiasm for good health inspires me to make changes in my own life to work towards better health. He's not just a doctor - he's my healthcare coach and trusted advocate. I trust and listen to him and when he suggested a screening procedure, I went - and it literally saved me from cancer!! He treats the support staff well too - they seem to love him as much as I do. If I need to wait longer for appointments so he can take vacations and good work/life balance, I WILL! Don't let him get burned out. Don't wait until another practice tries to lure him - give him that pay raise now or whatever else he asks for - he's worth it. I say this as an HR person. Please have retention conversations with him often. He is simply amazing and you need to keep him onboard. He will only continue to get better and better as he continues in his career. I promise you, there is NO substitute for enthusiasm. There just isn't. I would rather have a doctor like Dr. Yang that has enthusiasm, than someone else who has better credentials but isn't passionate about what they do. Dr. Yang is passionate about what he does. Keep him at Optum!!! I cannot say enough good things about him. Thanks for listening.
Good doctor patient relationship.
Prompt good communicator thorough we make decisions together
Dr. Yang is an excellent doctor, and a very good listener. He truly pays attention to his patients.
He very interested in providing care to his patient.
He is a very busy doctor.
Dr Yang is very knowledgeable, professional. He takes his time to explain his treatment plan.
Dr Yang is very approachable, friendly and very attentive to his patients needs. I tell all my friends about Dr Yang being my doctor just what I just said.
satisfied with his manor
I was happy with him as a physician, his questions and followup.
My wife and sister first visited Dr. Yang, liked him immediately and recommended that I too make him my doctor. I have seen him twice and each visit was pleasurable but informative. Dr. Yang is personable and straightforward without sacrificing professionalism - something we are sorely lacking today.
Awesome doctor, very smart & listened to my concerns.
He is knowledgeable, individualizes care, great follow up, friendly and has his MAs in control ,
He is very pleasant and informative.
Because 100 wasn't available.
I will continue to give Dr. Yang top ratings as long as you keep asking. He has never let me down! As I said, he pushed me to get a colonoscopy and as much as I hated having to do that, they found precancerous tissue!! Dr. Yang LITERALLY HELPED PREVENT ME FROM HAVING TO DEAL WITH FULL-BLOWN COLON CANCER, which would have been the outcome had I waited. He saved me from so much suffering, from chemotherapy, from huge medical bills. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his profession. He makes health checks enjoyable. He inspires me to care about my health more. Please do not EVER let him leave Optum! Pay raise, extra days off, a performance bonus, just give that man whatever he wants. I'm an HR person by education and if you're not having a retention conversation with him on a regular basis, START NOW. Education and skill is great, but attitude is something else, and his heart IS in the right place, and it SHOWS. He has a magical way of going beyond being "just a doctor" - he's like a personal health coach, a reliable wellness partner. I'm busy with grad school but I gave him my word when my thesis is done, I'll make a real effort to increase my exercise and improve my health - and I will definitely do that. He's the best doctor I've ever dealt with. Can't say enough good things about him, and the staff. You've got a great crew right now. Keep them happy!
Dr Yang listens and tells you directly what the problem is and in my opinion very compassionate.
He is very understanding of my anxiety, he takes the time to listen to me, he doesn’t rush me, and he even tells me I’ve done a good job on certain steps I make with my anxiety.
As I mentioned earlier in this survey, Dr. Yang is so very courteous and always welcomes me warmly each time I make my appointments. He is attentive while also having a wonderful way of making me feel at ease. He has a good sense of humor which is lighthearted and easy; never sullen or impatient. He is the best!
Very best in every way.
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