Primary Care

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DaVita Medical Group is a multi-specialty medical group that offers both primary care and specialty care. Primary care providers - or "PCP" providers - include Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics - they are who we commonly referred to in the past as "general practice" providers. Here are the differences between the providers.


We have ten convenient locations that are home to our primary care providers. See our Locations page for more information and for maps and directions.



Family medicine is the scope of medical practice most similar to what we used to call "general practice". Family medicine providers are trained to care for the patient as a whole person and not just one particular disease or organ. While they diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases, they also provide routine health screenings or yearly physicals in an effort to prevent illnesses before they develop.

Family medicine physicians and internal medicine physicians are primary care providers, which means that they are usually the doctor you see first and most often when needed - who maintain your history as their patient and help guide you in your health decisions from birth through your adult years.

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Internal Medicine providers are primary care givers who specialize in seeing patients who are 18 years of age or older.
DaVita Medical Group has four locations with Internal Medicine providers - Briargate, East, Monument and Southwest.

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Pediatrics is the area of care that specializes in seeing patients 18 years old and YOUNGER.
Our Pediatricians are located in three convenient locations: Briargate, East, and Southwest.

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